Design Short Course in

Critical Thinking & Design

Critical Thinking & Design

Language: English

Starting periods: January


Duration 4 Weeks

Hours 60

Location Online

Fee 2.500

The role of design (and the designer) is to help understand the changes and challenges in the world around us, respond to them, and turn them to our advantage, with the goal of creating objects that make our lives more meaningful, more efficient and more enjoyable.

How can this be done in a historic moment when every major system (cultural, technological, social, economic, etc.) appears to be in crisis and in need of a long-waited reformulation? Most importantly, what are the primary tools at our disposal for undertaking such a task and how can design be a change agent?


In this short course, participants will be asked to consider several dominant contemporary topics (such as the relationship between technology and ethics, current and future social transformations, new working scenarios, the future of food, access against ownership, inclusive design, etc.). Guided through the process of critical reflection, they will be asked to ideate and implement design scenarios with the aim of offering a glimpse of how things can be.

– Design contexts
– Approaching design – critical analysis
– Embedding relevancy in the design process
– Designing for a better future
– From ideation to proposals


Domus Academy Short Courses are tailored mainly for postgraduate students, students in the process to be graduated and young designers.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.




On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
– Analyze contemporary topics from critical perspective to inform the design process;
– Develop an articulated design context based on research;
– Formulate a conceptual proposal for a product, service, space or architecture that responds to a new design context;
– Apply a design method in a process that reframes the role of design;
– Appraise how design can positively impact our future.

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