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Make It Your Own
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Make It Your Own

Studio Museo Castiglioni - 12 Aprile 2011
Piazza Castello 27, Milano

Make It Your Own showcases the results of a 4 weeks design workshop on physical computing and tangible interfaces of Domus Academy’s Master in Interaction Design 2010/11 MIND Edition.

Fifteen international students under the guidance of Arduino’s godfather Massimo Banzi and product designer Innocenzo Rifino have re-interpreted 5 iconic lamps by Achille Castiglioni. Make It Your Own investigated the possibility to explore new ways of interacting with light and to augment, with unexpected behaviours, 5 acclaimed lighting design pieces: GIBIGIANA, GIOVI, GRIP, LAMPADINA and TUBINO.
The Interaction Design class 2010/11, supported by interaction-designers David Sjunnesson and Patrizia Cacciapuoti, undertook the bold challenge to develop and prototype 5 proposals to technically “update” and revamp timeless examples of Italian Design classics.
Make It Your Own has been possible thanks to the support of Giovanna Castiglioni of the Studio Museum Achille Castiglioni and the patronage of IF innovation festival.

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