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Master in Interaction Design - Domus Academy - Milan
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MASTER IN Interaction Design
Length: 1 year full-time
Intakes: September

Tuition Fee

Internship placement rate: 100%

Accreditation: Academic Master Degree
The master has
worked with:
Canon, Fujitsu, Hager, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung...

This Master program integrates digital technology potential with design sensitivity and business mindset to create interactive design products and solutions.
The course aims at providing students with practical and conceptual skills to carry out a problem setting activity, using their imagination to develop concepts, scenarios and strategies based on the introduction of digital solutions in the everyday life environment, integrating design and creative sensitivity to more technical and market-oriented competence.

The Master program is open to candidates with a background and/or professional experience in Product Design, Visual and Graphic Design, Media and Web Design, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Communication Science, Psychology and Sociology.

The Master program trains its graduates for leading roles in the world of interaction design. Participants will develop competence to get to different design and strategic positions, such as Interaction Designer, User Experience Designer, Creative Director, Strategist and Design Director..

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