Pia-Maria Laux

Master in Fashion Management, 2014

Current role: Brand merchandising manager Europe, Triumph


Born in Germany, Pia-Maria Laux studied in the Netherlands, India, and Italy, and is now working in Switzerland.

She received her Bachelor’s in Textile Engineering & Management in 2013 from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. During her course, she studied knitwear for a semester abroad at the Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore.

She then won a Fashion Brand Hunter scholarship to study at Domus Academy in Milan, sponsored by Camera Italiana Buyer Moda. She earned her Master in Fashion Management in 2014.

After graduation, she began working in Zurich as a junior brand merchandising manager for the global lingerie brand Triumph, where she created a new collection. She was later promoted to brand merchandising manager Europe, responsible for the fashion-forward intimate apparel categories for Europe and North America.

In this capacity, Pia-Maria identifies design innovations with a strong sales potential and realizes the right product for bringing these innovations to the market. She also plans and drives merchandising of the central collections based on sales analysis, trends, consumer and competitor research, and input from regional counterparts.

She is also involved in projects on digitalization and sustainability, envisioning a more transparent, consumer-driven, and sustainable future for the fashion industry. She has twice won the company’s Triumphator Award CSR.


“Looking back at my time at Domus, I consider it truly remarkable how I could observe my fellow students and me unleashing our potential. The intense collaboration with diverse individuals forces you to tear down any mental wall that you might have built up during your life and become a creative, open-minded problem solver.“

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