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Data 19.01.2017

Liliana Becerra

Liliana Becerra is a Design & Trend Strategist, CMF Design Expert and author based in California. Liliana’s professional trajectory, career experience and applied experience of over 20 years of practice has helped her define and articulate CMF Design as a professional discipline through  a concrete set of principles and processes.

After joining Nokia in 2001 for a seven year span, Liliana established and lead the first advanced CMF design team and later joined the Insights and Innovation team in the company as a Design Specialist. In 2008 she founded her own studio and joined Art Centre College of Design as faculty and key contributor to CMTEL – Color, Material and Trends Exploration Laboratory.

In 2016 Liliana became the published author or CMF Design, called ‘The New Bible of Design’ by NCS Colour. The book is the first publication about the discipline of CMF Design, presenting the key fundamental principles of colours, materials, and finishes as they apply to consumer products. The book has quickly become a best seller and a must-have design guide. It has also created and expanded CMF curriculum. CMD Design is currently used to teach at Art Center College of Design, while it is inspiring the creation of new Master programs in other design schools and the establishment of several CMF Design consulting studios worldwide.



<strong>Projects Gallery:</strong>
<li><strong>photo 1</strong>: CMF Design – Book cover</li>
<li><strong>photo 2:</strong> CMF Design – Book images</li>
<li><strong>photo 3:</strong> CMF Design – Book image</li>
<li><strong>photo 4:</strong> Teaching CMF Design at Art Center College of Design – Fall 2016</li>
<li><strong>photo 5:</strong> Cover of Viewpoint #37</li>