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Date 10.05.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with WEGA

Take me There

Coffee spaces for new cultural experiences

Project: A Sip Of Memory

by Bahar Oztok, Laetitia A. Matta, Rumeysa Nehir Kurt, Sara Abdel Samie

In the last years, more than ever, food and drinks have become a prolific field of interest for the design research: most of the contemporary designers are experimenting with all the aspects of the food culture, from the preparation to the design of the spaces, from the culinary process till the rituals connected to the consumption of food and drinks.

“One cup of Turkish Coffee means 40 years of memory”

“A sip of Memory” in collaboration with WEGA, is a project by TELVE focusing on the fortune telling ritual of Turkish coffee. The space reflects a new rich experience since it engages the customers to share their space, time and memory together, all in one place.

There is one main element created in the coffee space, which is a long table surrounding all the functions. It resembles a living organism, giving life to anything that interacts with it. Different seating typologies are created around the main table to signify the different rituals of drinking Turkish coffee. An amusing game is now created on the main table, combing different abstracted Turkish patterns and the symbols of fortune telling. By that, the table with the patterned-map acts as the main attraction point in the space, causing people to play on it and search for the different symbols, creating maximum engagement between the customers.

At the end of this experience, customers leave the space with a card having a symbol on it, as a memory of the place and their experience.

Project Leader: Francesca Vargiu