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Date 10.05.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with MUTINA

Food S-Tile

Searching For Food And Design Biodiversity

Project: Behind the great wall

by Kan Sivapuchpong, Kuei_Han Yang, Aprajita Sabhrwal, Hyeji Kwon

Conceiving both food and artisan craftsman­ship as precious expression of cultural bio­diversity, the project challenge the capability to envision new and contemporary micro-architectures for preparing and serving local food from different cultures in different lo­cations across Milan, during the Expo period.

“Behind the great wall’” a project in collaboration with Mutina showcases the journey back to its roots. Authentic touches of exploration off the beaten path that are entirely integral with delving deeper into Chinese culture.

China, such a grey, grey city by day becomes a fairyland at night. Red lanterns swing in the breeze at every tiny restaurant. Eating is always a group affair, with large round tables a, some call it “family-style”, others call it “Chinese-style”. The vastness of Chinese art, culture and lifestyle can seem daunting. An exploration to navigate through, the weight of imperial and revolutionary history, and reinvent China as beguiling and seductive.

Project Leader: Andrea Steidl