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Date 09.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with MIT – Mobile Experience LAB

BUYM*E – Distributed Retail Experiences in Transitory Spaces

Project: BUYM*E Mobile

By Eray Alan, Julie Blitzer, Tiago Boaventura, Hadar Geva, Mansi Grover, Hallvar Hauge Johnsen, Goksu Karaguler, Rana Mansour, Isabelle Pleno, Prateek Solanki, Simen Strom Braaten

What kinds of new service models will be successful today and in the future?
To answer this question, one must first explore what needs people have while on the move and how they behave in the context of the transportation system. We conducted multiple types of primary and secondary research including ethnography, user interviews and business model analysis, in Milano’s transit system, Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM), on trams buses and underground metro lines. Buy Mobile is a project to envision the multi-channel retail service of the future in the context of transition spaces and transportation systems. Retail businesses are looking to digital experiences and services to give them a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Pioneering startups hope to beat the marketplace using distributed service models.
What kinds of new service models will be successful today and in the future? The Master in Interaction Design 2013-14 developed five concepts for new service businesses to answer this question: Style Map,, Show of Hands, Dimmi and Local Link.
The publication was developed during the final phase of the workshop, the students split into new teams based on their expertise and skills, to make the final booklet, the presentation and the website with a coordinated and a balanced visual language, identity and copy.
The digital version of the full publication is available online on ISSUU.

Project Leader: Claudio Moderini