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Woman vs Machine, Domus Academy @ Herbaria

The Domus Academy Experience Cluster took part in ‘Woman vs Machine’, the event organized by Scuola del Castello on the occasion of Herbaria Summer Camp.

Guests of Moleskine Cafè in Milan, the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco launched the challenge to the Domus Academy Experience Cluster Students.

On one side the human component, the illustrators from Scuola del Castello, and on the other side the technological component: software, printer/plotter.

For the event, Master in Interaction Design students designed and produced a series of drawing robots capable of generating and reproducing an illustration on a sheet of paper or on one of the pages of the notebook.

During the visit the public had the opportunity to choose who to show their notebook, between an illustrator in the flesh or between one of the small plotters.

Who managed to create more illustrations? The object of the challenge favored small robots (mini plotters open source powered by Arduino), who managed to draw the largest number of leaves and thus won the challenge. However, this was only because the objective was “quantity”, students of Scuola del Castello produced many beautiful and more detailed illustrations.

Congratulations to the students Nancy Kumar, Bhavika Harish Gajjar, Aditi Popat Kale, Shoheil Bhowmick, Shreepryia, Koan Lin and the Domus Academy team composed of Michele Aquila, Masters in Interaction Design and Service Design Program Leader; Elisa Chiodo Master in Visual Brand Design Program Leader; Danilo Gallo, Academic Assistant of the Experience Cluster and Nima Gazestani, Lecturer and Interaction Designer.