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How to Apply

Domus Academy is a selective school that limits the number of entering students in order to provide living and study conditions that best enable all students to complete their degrees.

We have a dedicated team of Educational Advisors who will be happy to help you with your application. If you have any questions, please contact us.

When considering candidates for admission, our Faculty and Admission Commitee look at the entire profile of the applicant, including academic records, work experience if any, extracurricular activities, test scores and recommendations.

Prepare supporting documents

  • Application form
  • Copy of the passport
  • English language certificate (IELTS 5.0)
  • Copy of the Higher/Senior Secondary School Academic Transcript (translated in Italian or English)
  • Copy of the Higher/Senior Secondary School Diploma or School Attendance Certificate (translated in Italian or English)
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • Optional: portfolio of projects
  • Payment receipt of € 100 application fee
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Project Assignment

Distance Evaluation

Through the distance evaluation, Domus Academy seeks to gauge your level of commitment and determination in approaching the chosen undergraduate program.

The distance evaluation consist in:

  • Project assignment
  • Statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose

Please write an essay (max 500 words) elaborating the following questions:

In the next future:

  • what job would you like to do after you graduate?
  • why did you choose DOMUS ACADEMY to achieve that?
  • what are you favorite means of expression?
  • what or who inspires you?
  • how living and studying in Milano will positively influence your work?

Project assignment

Please select the undergraduate program of interest and develop the corrisponding the project assignment:

Applicant is requested to identify a pressing issue or trend related to the fashion industry, conduct an analysis and propose possible recommendations/solutions to address this issue in the future, justify his/her choices.

Use the preferred means of expression (word doc., sketches, etc.). Describe your idea by using text and supportive imagery.

Applicant is requested to think about a person he/she knows, interview him/her about one of his/her daily needs or desires (related to work, hobbies, mobility).

Think about a solution that addresses the needs or desires expressed by the interviewee, using digital technologies. Visualize how the suggested solution works through your storytelling skills (e.g. storyboard; collage; flowcharts) and a descriptive text.

Applicant is requested to re-think and re-design an existent space. A space which he/she does not like or that he/she will improve. It can be a room in his/her house, an exhibition space, a shop environment, a hotel lobby, …

Applicant is asked to describe why he/she does not like it, how he/she will transform it into something new (also by taking into consideration “innovation” and “multifunctional” properties).

Applicant can use the preferred means of expression (sketches, collage, maps, etc.). The project must not exceed 5 A4 pages, include a picture or a drawing of the design before and after and a brief description of the process.


In the global evaluation, Domus Academy will take into account and will consider especially relevant the attitude in undertaking the Program and the related professional role.

The lack of specific preparation in some of the subjects that are part of the admission test, due to the different educational background that a student might have, will not result in prejudice to the final admission, on condition that the vocational elements have been positively assessed.

Once the assessment test is complete, applicants will receive a feedback about the final result within 5 working days.

If the result is positive, the admission letter will be issued and sent to the applicant.

Domus Academy may offer a conditional admission if the applicant has not yet submitted the language certificate and copy of diploma. If conditionally accepted, the applicant will have to make sure he/she submits the missing documents by the course beginning.

The Distance evaluation is open throughout the whole year.