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Date 19.12.2017
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SRUTHI YATHINDRADAS (India), Master in Visual Brand Design 2016 – Design Director, Thousand Lakes, Kerala, India

Founder and Design Director of “Thousand Lakes”, an Indian lifestyle brand, Sruthi focuses on the preservation of Indian heritage and the appreciation of the environment through design. Post-Domus, she established a zero-waste process for coconut production and disposal, bringing the design thinking into the farming and production sector of rural India, while promoting environmental awareness. The factory she helped set up is situated in a working farm which in addition to yielding coconuts, also houses several livestock. The milk collected through breeding is sent to a local Milk Marketing Federation for distribution to meet the communities’ daily dairy needs. Animal waste from the onsite livestock is used as fertilizer for the coconuts.
These initiatives have all helped her become an active participant in the local farmer’s organization as well as ensure that ‘Thousand Lakes’ creates a holistic ecosystem providing employment primarily to people within the community

Achievements 2017:

In 2017, she was awarded the prestigious A’ Design Award, under social design category, for her “Flo” project, an innovative solution to reduce plastic pollution in water bodies through a mixed-reality video game that controls a physical robotic fish. The project was also exhibited at Shenzen Design Week 2017