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A glance at your future

Our students are prepared to work at the frontiers of every area of Design. Each year our graduates move on to fulfilling careers in major businesses, institutes or to opening their own start-ups around the world.

The annual Domus Academy survey aimed to investigate alumni occupational position after graduation. Indeed, many of our alumni will continue to team up with Domus Academy returning also for lectures throughout their international and rewarding career.
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The aim of Domus Academy’s survey was to evaluate the career outcome of Domus Academy graduates after one year from graduation, comparing Domus Academy survey results with the ones coming from Almalaurea survey. It was conducted from February to May 2017. DA alumni that graduated during 2015 represented the sample. Interviews were conducted with mix mode methodology: CATI and CAWI.
IPSOS conducted the survey, a certificate entity, the 1° in survey based research market. Ipsos is the only market research company founded and owned by researchers, making Ipsos a real independent market research company. As part of Ipsos, Ipsos Observer, provides its clients with high quality research. Thanks to such a global presence and experience, Ipsos Observer manages projects with a “glocal approach” (both globally and locally), everywhere in the world.