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Master in Information Design

To meet the demands of the ever-changing world of Experience Design we launched a new Academic Master’s Degree in Information Design!

At Domus Academy Milan you will learn how to understand and embrace social changes through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach.

You will grow an expertise in delivering experiences and solutions for unpredictable future scenarios.

Watch the video and discover the new Master’s program!

Information Design is...


Information Design is a growing discipline strongly required in today’s job market to synthesize, interpret and visualize data for effective internal communications and public relations.

  • A multidisciplinary approach that brings together visual design, data analysis and creative coding.
  • Develop a skill and mindset to understand different cultural, social and economic contexts
  • Translate complex information into engaging visual forms and narratives
  • Career paths: Digital Design; Data Visualization and Information Mapping; Visual Design and Branding; Trend Forecasting.

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