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Date 10.02.2015
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Mylan(d) Park in(g) the city


Project: Development of Piola Area

by Olesia Saraeva, Parichat Pattanapromchai

The site is located in Piola Area near the Politecnico School of Milan. This area from a typological point of view is oriented to host educational institutes like the School of Architecture. The main problem we underlined is the lack of recreational spaces (relaxing zones) for students and inhabitants. So, we proceeded to analyze further other activities within the area in order to balance the functions (study, leisure, sport, etc.). Our strategy is  “You grow because you do not stop playing” led us to reinvision such as tram stops, bus stops and traffic lights as well looked into creating new devices offering new opportunities such an energy bike, bike surf and parkour.


Project:  Greenline

by Sofya Dolgaya, Julian Alexander Eichiner, Ecenur Yesilda

After a research of the area, the brief was to design, a continuous walking path through the area of Corso Indipendenza to the very center of Milan. The project is about solving a problem of the recent parking situation and to create an environmental park in this district. The final output shows different concepts according to economical terms, starting with recent solutions to long term conceptual possibilities.


Project: Quartiere Centrale

by Anna Larina, Guillermo Colina Hernandez

This project was the first workshop of the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design. The purpose was the creation of a Park(ing) in the area near the Centrale Station of Milan. The main part of this workshop was the development of a strategy that will connect all the different points of interest in this sector of the city changing and improving it’s character giving it some identity.
The project consists in three different parts: a linear park, an info center, located next to the station, and small interventions all around the area to give an homogeneous idea. The idea is to create a space where the people can experience the “fashion Italian lifestyle”. To achieve the sensation we have created a park where we merge 4 different activities related to the Italian lifestyle: Coffee. Fashion. Food. History.


Project: Sense Vittore

by Omar Qubain, Yi-Chun, Chen

The workshop specifically aims at pointing out the peculiar relationship between centrality and decrease in selected portions of the city. Decoding the physical assets of the city monitoring the modalities and the level of use of the space, the wide range of factors affecting it, not only related to the physical form of the city but also to additional properties influencing the overall quality of life assuming that the liveableness of a certain urban system depends on the interactions between its parts and its users, a proper understanding of the critical points of the city needs to bring these relations explicitly within the field of investigation. The relationship between centrality, decrease expresses the inter-relationship and dependence between the two main actors involved: users and assets of the urban landscape. To provide students the proper tools and adequate languages for reading, analyzing and representing the territory, the urbanized contexts and the ongoing dynamics that are part of the city landscape.
Research and analysis techniques + Representation and communication tools
To discover the city of Milan that will become the main field of research and project in the following months to provide strategic vision and planning actions for the future.