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Date 29.10.2014
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Workshop in collaboration with BLM Group

Urban Motion

Project: The Parasite

by Marika Arapoglou – Feyzi Aras – Marc Rajha – Anqi Zhao

Many people depend solely on the bike for daily mobility. And this number is growing exponentially. The team thought about providing a complete experience for the cyclists.

The existing solutions for carrying goods with you are pretty inconvenient. They are limited to the integrated small basket in the front of the bike, or a platform hanger on top of its back wheel. Our project comes as an improvement for this system. It’s focused on the transportation of goods, whether it was grocery shopping, transportation of utilities, or carrying basic necessities during the course of the day.

Starting from this point, we wanted to create a basket that fits with simplicity on a bicycle. But because our daily needs in transportation of good are always variable and almost unpredictable, we wanted it to be expandable, or resizable so it fits whatever we need, and be unobtrusive when we don’t need it. To find the right size, we started by the volume of 2 standard shopping bags (40 x 45 x 30 cm), which is the average requirement for a week of groceries. And we then contracted it as much as possible to 20 x 15 x 10 cm. In its smallest size, the basket can fit 2 bottles.

We named the product “Parasite” as it fits onto a bicycle, and serves as an extension to it. It’s like in nature when a mushroom grows on the base of a tree, and depends on it to survive. And the mushroom gives back some nutriments to the host tree, allowing it to grow longer.

We imagined a scenario where one user who wants to go to the supermarket after work, so he expands Parasite to fit his 2 shopping bags, the second day he wants to play football so he expands it less this time to fit the ball.

The material used is steel, giving a natural strength to the overall structure. And it is hollowed out so it’s less heavy. Most of the system works on the telescopic technology, fitting tubes of different diameters inside each other, allowing them to spread to different lengths.


Projcet leader: Matteo Ragni