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Date 01.02.2015
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Design is Good

Project: The Next

by Shih-Ying Chang, Anqi Zhao, Chanita Chuaysiri

Fire took away many people life every year. According to Japan 2010 survey 58% fire happened in housing area, and up to 74% death ratio happened in house. The team wanted to focus on the solution to help people to get away from the fire emergency more safely. Research shows that the equipment would reduce the death ratio such as smoke alarm, mask or light. So the product would combine the most necessary elements for user in the smoke detector. This smoke alarm could be a second protection for life because it also has emergency equipment’s inside. When the fire emergency happens the portable emergency part will automatically drop from the ceiling and people can just take the cover from the floor, and the entire important gadget is including helping people in fire.

This smoke detector consists of two basic parts: a sensor to detect smoke with loud electronic horn to wake people up and a special cover which can help people away from the emergency situation. This special cover part is combined with mask, light, automatic alarm, RFID, and hammer to break window. RFID will help the fireman to find people much easily without wasting time searching for every room. The portable equipment part was design with soft silicon material. The material adopted, water drop shape, and little bump beside provide comfortable holding for user and fit more with their face. There are clear graphic instructions inside the portable equipment part (cover). User can easily understand and use it. The function designed in the portable equipment provides the most important elements for people to confront fire emergency.

When the sensor detects smoke, it starts to alarm loudly and release the portable emergency equipment. The portable emergency equipment will fall from the smock detector body and the alarm and light on portable part will turn on automatically. People can see and grasp this equipment from the floor very quickly even when they are panic. People can use it as mask to protect them from deadly smoke and run to the exit. The hammer was hided inside the bottom and can be used to break window. It was invisible because of safety consideration, but the soft material outside allow the hard iron part to break window when people grasp it and punch to the window. The direct force on a small area is enough to break the safety glass.

Projcet leaders: Lorenzo Bustillos, Irene Sartor


Project: Finger Fruit

by Carla HOBEICA, Marc RAJHA, Morgane ROUX

In a world where people are heading to a faster paced lifestyle and where junkfood rules the snack world, the team wanted to try to provide the market with a healthier alternative.

Drawing support from the several initiatives inviting people to consume more fruits and vegetables on daily basis (such as 3-fruits-a-day or 5-a-day…), the project aims at encouraging the consumption of fruits by selling them in a new way.

As things stand, eating fruit needs time, utensils and preparation. What this project is trying to do is to reduce this time, remove the need from utensils and deal with the necessary preparation. Thanks to this new status, the product finds its place among the existing unhealthy food products and has the capability to compete with them in terms of display and use.

The fruit becomes an individual product capable to last more than one month while staying totally fresh and natural thanks to the vacuum system.

The industrial preparation of the fruits takes care of the washing, drying, peeling, cutting, pitting, blanching and/or separating operation according to the differents fruits.

Then, the vacuuming process of the prepared item provides conservation time before its consumption.

The design of the packaging highlights the importance of the fruit itself and the willingness to stay completely natural without adding anything chemical to the food. This simplicity and honesty is reflected in the physical characteristics of the packaging : one totally transparent recyclable/compostible plastic bag that displays the fruit in its original iconic shape and an upper labelling part with only the basic information.