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Date 01.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with Alpi Wood

Box of Wonders

Project: Hexahome

by Ergun Ayral – Marika Arapoglou – Marc Rajha

The typical scenario for a customer who wants to buy a new piece of furniture from a shop is to pick the design of his armchair, sofa, divan, etc. and then color, finished, and type of material from textile to leather. He pays the full amount and now has to wait for it for 2 months while it will be customized according to his selection. He leaves empty-handed, only with a sample of the textile or leather he picked.

The idea is to conceptually expand this sample and give it a specific (or many) function(s), that will be in the living space of the customer, and coexist with the bought furniture piece when it arrives. By doing so, we would have enhanced the customer satisfaction by giving him an interactive gift, filling the time of wait. In the  catalogue of collection we can see simple, minimal yet elegant furniture pieces that integrate very well with any interior space. Oppositely, the line of accessories offers a variety of geometrical in shapes, from vases to lighting elements. They are polygonal, hard edged, and stand out in the living space. We want our product to integrate well in this line of accessories. What would also be more interesting is for this product to be shape shifting, giving full freedom to the customer to model his desired object, based on predefined ones available in an accompanying step-by-step catalogue, and more 3D shapes he can come up with himself, incenting this way his creativity and engagement with the brand.

The product is composed of a complex and versatile grid of wooden parts, allowing multiple shapes and objects with the same object. Those parts are fixed on leather, which serves as structure holding the wooden pieces together. Magnet blocks maintain the shape of the object. We used the AlpiKord line of wood, for being 1mm of thickness, which is thin ideal for our product but also very firm and rigid. By changing each time the shape of the object with the help of the smartly integrated magnets, the product, named hexaHOME, will change also its function, turning from a book holder, to a platform, to a tablet holder, to a photo frame, a bowl, a container, a budvase, basket, etc. or be simply a decorative element.

Project leader: Setsu Ito

Project: Champagne Tote

by Anqi Zhao, Stephanie Vandendael, Khushboo Mehta

A yacht is an expensive possession of a privileged few. It defines the exclusive lifestyle of the owners, a gateway to a world of incredible experiences with the people who matter the most.

The aim of our project is to enhance the experience on the yacht and to carry back those moments and memories from the yacht as a memento and as an object showing the possession of the vessel. Looking into the luxurious lifestyle of the owners and the activities carried out on the yacht we planned to focus on the celebration of the exclusive travel experience by having champagne with a special one.

Champagne Tote is a carry on champagne cooler combined with two glasses. The Tote comprises of an outer case containing an ice bucket cum a bottle holder along with a holder for 2 glasses. The lid of the outer case can be taken off and can be used as a tray to put some food in. The compact size allows it to be used easily on the yacht and to take it along with you at home, beach and anywhere else. It encourages sharing and celebrating happy moments with your partner. It is as a style statement showing the possession of the yacht. The champagne Tote is an object/gift given to the people that are buying a Riva yacht and can be personalized by engraving the name of the yacht on it.

The form is inspired from the curvilinear shape of the yacht portraying the sleekness and elegance. The edge details are picked from the chrome nosing of the yacht which is used to hold the anchor rope wherein in the Tote it is used to hold the leather strap. The wooden finish makes the Tote more elegant which is taken from the main component of the yacht and the Riva style showing the richness warmth and elegance.

Project leader: Setsu Ito