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Date 01.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with Alessi

Street fooding

Project: Towars the new designers’ generation

by Avni Goel, Vivek Gupta, Nasya Pranoto Gitaputri, Simran Singh Jit

“In recent years, the fundamental role of food in all human activities has moved the interest toward its spatial, social and experiential value: the way people interact with each other, the way they relate to objects and spaces, the way they enjoy the food preparation and consumption are becoming relevant aspects within the design process. Within this perspective, street food is particularly one of the most dynamic field of experimentation: constantly interacting with the urban lifestyle, it has always been interpreting as one of the primary exigency of socially and collectively living all around the world. Developed In collaboration with Alessi, “Rollio delights” is an Asian dessert cart on the wheels. It aims to elevate the mood of stressed working people by providing them a selection of asian desserts, which are not only rich in taste, but also easy and quick to grab and go. Two hot desserts together with two cold and fresh ones are selected because of their variety and uniqueness in term of preparation process. Accordingly, a collection of appropriate utensils allow people to enjoy the serving rituals combining metal and wood. These tools are purposefully designed to blend traditional and modern aspects, as well as to harmonise cold and warm experiences.”

Project leader: Patricia Urquiola

Project Advisor: Francesca Vargiu

Project Assistant: Maddalena Casadei, Andrea Steidl

Tutors: Elena Pefani, Aoi Hasegawa