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Date 01.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with Haworth  

Pop-up office working in unexpected urban spaces

Project: Designing spaces for new convivial practices

by Avni Goel, Vivek Gupta, Yoshihiro Niida, Nasya Pranoto Gitaputri, Simran Singh Jit

“Inspired from parasitic paradigms, “Workplayce” is a touchdown-working spot, hacking and growing around existing urban structures which are outdated and underutilized. Bus stops, phone booths and light poles are re-designed through a free flowing wire structure, growing and breathing from it. Knitting is an element added to the wire frames to provide comfortable areas for seating and working, and it gets associated with the recollection of our memories about grandmothers knitting sweaters for the family. The conclusion of the project was designed at Cadorna junction, an extremely important landmark in Milan, and these structures came in close proximity of one and other hence helping to make the design a complete installation. WORKPLAYCE is an urban intervention designed for the Expo Milano 2015.”

Project leader:  Jakub Zak

Project Advisor Francesca Vargiu

Project Assistant Elena Pefani