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Date 01.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with Moroso

Do it yourself

Project: Memento

by Vanja Bovan, Claudia Lira Grajales, Michela Matrisciano, Sandra Montaňo Gomez Farias

“With the alarming lack of individual privacy, do people still even own their personal memories? “Memento“ is a collection of objects that depict the different stages of experience, from analogue to a digital world.”
In collaboration with Moroso, this family of objects will first be presented as an installation representing this change in storing oneself visual memory.
1. The Idea of me. – The portrait can only be completed by the painter as long as the model is standing in front. It is a time consuming process. Accompanied by Nendo`s chair “Heel”, “The Idea of me” is a frame that requires the human presence to start displaying the image, which appears little by little.
2. On the spot. – At the right moment, when everyone is ready, the photographer removes the black cloth and the ‘magic’ of the photo happens. Sitting on the “Volant” chair by Patricia Urquiola, you have just to wait until the right moment, when your memory is captured inside the box and reveals itself.
3. Sentimentalist. – The camera becomes a personal device, allowing you to hold your moment on paper within only a few seconds. Once sat on one of the “Biknit” chairs by Patricia Urquiola and grabbed the “Sentimentalist” device, in an instant you will know how your mood changes depending on the position you are keeping.
4. Social Butterfly. – A box keeps all the photos and videos from your digital applications in one device. Using Moroso’s “Principessa” bed, a room reproduces the obsession of being constantly up-to-date.
5.  Innocent voyeur. – Look around, think about where you have been. Have you possibly remained in someone’s memory? Have you passed under a surveillance camera without even noticing?

Using Moroso’s “Soft Wood Sofa”, surveillance cameras are disguised as friendly dandelions: they will be filming you throughout your staying in the wood cabin.

Proect leader: Christophe De La Fontaine

Project Advisor: Francesca Vargiu

Project Assistant: Elena Pefani