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Metaphysical Club

Through an innovative, salon-style club, Domus Academy brings together some of the most important personalities on the international design, art, and architectural scene to guide the future vision and practical activities of the school.

The Domus Academy Metaphysical Club is composed of 9 experts in the fashion and design industries—names like Jefferson Hack, Alice Rawsthorn, Patricia Urquiola. Club members meet several times a year in Milan to develop the school’s educational paths and brainstorm innovations in our curricula. Inspired by the salons of 19th-century Paris and by contemporary intellectual forums like, the Metaphysical Club represents a new model for guiding creative schools.

But these stars don’t only work behind the scenes to improve our offerings—they also work directly with students. They give guest lectures, take students on studio and company visits, and lead workshops involving real company projects. They create a network of opportunities for our students, even as they enhance the school’s collaboration with some of the most prestigious institutions and companies in the world.

Members of the Metaphysical Club are not masters of the past, but professionals at the height of their success. While it is rare for such individuals to engage in teaching activities, club members have welcomed our invitation as a chance to serve as a constellation of minds promoting a new educational paradigm—one centered on students’ career success.

Domus Academy’s Metaphysical Club was conceived by Gianluigi Ricuperati. It is a unique project among international schools of design, fashion, and architecture.

Members Reunion

Metaphysical Club. “My own private Memphis”

The third plenary meeting of the Metaphysical Club members will be held on May 27th at 6 pm at Noosphere XX1 Pavilion.

Thirty years after the Memphis group split, in the setting of the Triennale of Milan, the Metaphysical club members will discuss about one of the most influential design experiences of all time, a typical product of Milan, born from an existing interdisciplinary discourse that involved designers, artists, entrepreneurs and communicators.

The work of Metaphysical Club will start from a reflection on the possibility of recreating a new Memphis in the current context of Milan. This is not an attempt to an alternative storytelling, but rather a platform to test the possibility of mixing different languages and a cutting-edge attitude that eventually leads to a successful business, establishing a trend and imposing a new thinking and action program.

Metaphysical Club members will explore the possibility of a new Memphis starting from the works of Douglas Coupland e Shumon Basar.

The day following, Domus Academy students will have the great chance to be guided by Metaphysical Club members in a unique simulation: divided into groups, they will develop their idea of an actual and personal Memphis. The best idea will be rewarded by Metaphysical Club judges.

With the participation of the Metaphysical Club members including: Carlo Antonelli, Angelo Flaccavento, Jefferson Hack, Arthur Huang, Fausto Puglisi, Alice Rawsthorn, Italo Rota, Cristiano Seganfreddo, Patricia Urquiola.

The session of May 28th is reserved to Domus Academy students.


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