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Metaphysical Club. “No ideas, but in things” lecture by Italo Rota

In September, the Domus Academy Metaphysical Club restarts its program with an inspiring lecture by Italo Rota “No ideas, but in things”.

Italo Rota works at the crossroads of several disciplines and discursive practices. His curiosities are nearly inexhaustible, as are his vast collections of artworks, books, toys, plants. One could say that Rota  is a visionary, but always in the concreteness of things. Any lecture, on any topic, soon turns into the looming large of things to come, enticing in their gleaming, and yet always concrete and infinitely workable.

“No ideas, but in things” Lecture by Italo Rota        
Wednesday, September 9th – h. 2:30 pm
Domus Academy, Room 03