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Date 24.09.2015
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Matthew Gill


Matthew Gill, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication for Fashion, School of Art & Design, Nottingham – Trent University – UK

As a lecturer in Visual Communication for Fashion at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) my research practice explores the subject matter of independent magazines, particularly within the fashion and lifestyle sphere.

Raw Print began in 2009 as the public facing part of my level 5 zine projects. This was a way of directly applying research informed teaching (RIT) to the curriculum. These independent publishing projects successfully culminated in end of year zine fairs, where the whole cohort (approx. 90 students) produced and sold their publications at local and national events alongside students from within the School of Art & Design and other “zinesters” from across the UK. Each fair attracted on average 500 visitors a day and helped to establish a strong collaborative community.
I presented how I had embedded RIT into the level 5 curriculum publishing projects the Nostalgia Seminar Series in 2011 at Strathclyde University. I focussed on the revolution that has happened within independent publishing in the last five years. I was then invited to speak at the 2012 RIT workshop within NTU, which was then written up as a case study for the RIT unit.

Raw Print now manifests itself through a series of Public Lectures and monthly symposium, that celebrates the dynamic nature of modern magazine making in the 21st century and looks at the future challenges that lie ahead within publishing. Raw Print shares insights and experiences, aiming to educate through industry expertise in popular discourse, with the intention of creating a think tank environment for all print media enthusiasts. This method of engagement informs both my teaching and research and at this present time, and as far as I am aware, is a unique mode of education. Raw Print is truly a collaborative venture as it exists externally from the university and is not only for the students but also for the public. It is partnered with Alex Smith of Ideas on Paper, a niche magazine store within the Creative Quarter in Nottingham.
The speakers are industry experts and specially selected from across the magazine / publishing industry. It attracts a broad range of students from across the university as well as further afield, plus professionals from the creative industries. The lectures are always full to capacity, regularly attracting 80+ people. The industry links are vital to the students as they are able to gain direct access to and network with industry experts whilst receiving inspirational and original content. I regularly receive very positive feedback from the students, fellow colleagues, industry professionals and the speakers about the value of the lecture series itself; building a community and providing invaluable resource material. We also attracted the attention of the BBC, who filmed the event in February 2015 for their Artsnight programme.
A larger community has built up around this subject area and this new wave of publishing has made a cultural shift away from the glossy high street publications towards niche editorial content and design that draws inspiration from analogue processes such as letterpress, screen-printing, risograph and using uncoated stock. The influence on the publishing industry especially in terms of fashion trends, aesthetics and editorial design has been hugely significant, resulting in Jeremy Leslie author of Modern Magazines (2013) stating that: “we are currently in the second Golden Age of Magazines”. LESLIE (2013)

Raw Print will continue to build for the future, providing a dynamic and energised educational platform through the lecture series. It is now in the process of building an archive of seminal print media, such as i-D magazine (issues 1-50), which through our library’s special acquisitions team I have procured for the university. This physical archive will be subsumed into the development of Raw Print and provide an invaluable learning resource. I now plan to exhibit these first 50 issues of i-D magazine as a blueprint example of independent magazine publishing and sub-cultural tour de force that has been instrumental in shaping the fashion industry, as we know it today.


Mattew GillMatthew Gill is a Senior Lecturer of Visual Communication for Fashion at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), within the Fashion Management, Marketing and Communication (FMMC) subject area. He teaches on the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Promotion (FCP) course specialising in delivering curriculum based on visual awareness, visual literacy, semiotic analysis, and design theory, design and software skills. He also teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students from other fashion and visual communication courses within the School of Art & Design, supervising their portfolio work and dissertations.

Matt is currently level 6-module leader where the final year students engage in their own self-devised project and a ‘live’ industry projects. He is also a personal tutor providing pastoral care and as a senior lecturer mentors new staff. He was the Acting Course Leader for FCP in 2012/13, an active member of the School Standards and Quality Committee (SASQC) from 2007-10, and part of the FMMC subject area revalidation in 2008. Most recently he has been External Verifier for BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan University 2014-2015.

Before starting work full-time at NTU in 2006, Matt spent 13 years working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, whilst also lecturing part-time on the Graphic Design BA (Hons) course at NTU and at South Notts College before that, where he was course leader for the Graphic Design BTEC National Diploma. He was also the design studio manager for Tigerprint Agency in 2005-06. He has a degree in Graphic Design from Leeds Metropolitan University and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) qualification from the University of Central England.

Mattes areas of research interest are within independent publishing, fashion graphics and branding, independent music and subcultures. His main area of research practice explores the subject matter of independent magazines, particularly within the fashion and lifestyle sphere. This manifests itself through Raw Print, a series of Public Lectures and monthly symposium that celebrates the dynamic nature of modern magazine making in the 21st century.