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Master’s-Level Certificate Overview

Want to get a taste of a Domus Academy master’s program in design or fashion? Want to broaden your academic and professional experience by solving real design problems for real companies?

Join a full Domus Academy Master’s-level intensive experience and earn your Master’s-Level Certificate. Now, you can experience Domus Academy in a short, focused program that will boost your academic and professional credentials.

The eight-week Master’s-Level Certificate—one full module of a Domus Academy master’s program—combines a course in design theory with project development work.

The Master’s-Level Certificate is designed for students who want a taste of the Domus Academy approach to design education. You’ll explore our Italian design culture rooted on historical and cultural heritage, our project-based education simulating professional environments, our cross-disciplinary style, and our “learning by designing” methodology.

Two weeks of class time, with lectures and interactive case studies, are followed by a hands-on workshop in design or fashion. Guided by senior professionals, you will be challenged to create an actual project for an Italian or international company or designer in a simulated design studio environment. At the program’s conclusion, you’ll have the rare opportunity to present your ideas to company/studio representatives.

You’ll expand your theoretical foundation in fashion or design. You’ll make valuable contacts with your peers, faculty experts, and industry professionals. And you’ll update and expand your portfolio in the process.

Theory and Practice

Theory: During the course, faculty and professionals give thematic lectures and present case studies to broaden your knowledge about the specific area of design.

Practice: Workshops are a fundamental element of the “learning by designing” methodology that Domus Academy has cultivated over decades of partnering with top domestic and international firms. During your workshop, you will work solo or in multicultural teams with your peers, collaborating on project design and sharing knowledge and experience. You will meet with faculty once or twice per week for project reviews.

The Domus Academy Master’s -Level Certificate includes:

The courses.
The module begins with two weeks of foundational coursework related to your area of interest. Lectures and discussions explore theory, methodology, and tools.

The workshop.
A company representative or Domus Academy project leader launches a creative brief about a real design/fashion context to be investigated or problem to be solved. Based on issues defined by the faculty in collaboration with industrial partners, the brief outlines the subject, scope, and purpose of the workshop.

The mid- review.
Halfway through the session, company/design studio representatives review your project and offer guidance on your approach.

The final presentation.
At the conclusion of the workshop, you present your project to faculty and to company/design studio representatives and get feedback on your ideas and performance.

The exam.
Although taking the end-of-master’s -level certificate exam is optional, it is a valuable chance to reinforce the concepts and skills you learned.

How it works

The Master’s-Level Certificates offer seven Design topics and seven Fashion topics. Choose the workshop that intrigues you most, or that is best aligned with your career goals. Enroll in the program first; about one month before the session begins, you will receive more details about the courses assigned to your workshop, the subject and scope of your workshop, as well as the company/designer you will work with.

Schedule Master’s-Level Certificates in the Design Area Master’s-Level Certificates in the Fashion Area

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Prestigious Companies

In past workshops, Domus Academy students have worked with leading Italian and international companies such as Maserati, Motorola, Swarovski, Moncler, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bayer, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, Fiat, Tommy Hilfiger, BMW Design Lab, De Beers, and many more.

Established Professionals

Among the professionals collaborating with Domus Academy include such eminent design professionals as Andrea Branzi, Huberto & Fernando Campana, Ennio Capasa, Matali Crasset, Ildo Damiano, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Diego Dolcini, Joseph Forakis, Naoto Fukasawa, Roberto Giolito, Stefano Giovannoni, Riccardo Grassi, Kostantin Grcic, Ezio Manzini, Flavio Manzoni, Francesco Morace, Setsu Ito, Mario Trimarchi, Clino Trini Castelli, Jan-Christoph Zoels, and many more.