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Professional Development Program Shorter


The program at a glance

Language English or Italian
Certification Domus Academy Certificate
Duration 20 hours (2 full days + 1 half-day)


Imagine you are in a crowd where everybody is speaking and no one is listening. You need to communicate a complex concept, a special skill of yours or a new project. You need to be brief, clear and somehow different.

Otherwise no one will notice, understand or even remember you.

This innovative exercise, conceived by the developers of the Short method simulates info-storming environments we experience every day. New technologies increased “noise” around us. We are more and more competitive. People have less time and attention for us and our projects. In an even more complex and connected environment it is no longer enough to have top skills or be “good” at your job.

We need to become “Shorter” in communicating, designing and changing. This makes the difference in an indifferent world.

Course Leaders

  • Francesco Gori
  • Patrizia Moschella
  • Patrizia Melli


Help participants gain awareness of their natural ability to simplify. Help them develop the creative synthesis and become “Shorter”. Learn to use communication advertising techniques, tools and formats to:

  • Analyze and optimize professional profiles and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Simplify complex processes and problems and find the easiest and effective solutions;
  • Present a personal or professional project of change in a brief, creative and effective way;
  • Get the “short seal” to upload on personal Linkedin page and make the difference;
  • Access the “” website (currently in beta testing) – a platform conceived to share knowledge and launch short simplification briefs – to create “Shorter community”.


Theory lessons, workshops and gamification form a path of studies that enable students to:

  • Learn by doing: theory, methods and tools to keep it simple;
  • Analyze and make a sum of working processes and personal brands to trigger change


Professionals, employees and entrepreneurs with a project for change who are not familiar with creative processes, communication skills and self-marketing techniques.
Teachers wishing to learn how to apply short methods and formats of communication advertising to learning processes.


Analysis of simple success cases: from Einstein to Google.
Simplicity generates beauty, innovation and success and makes you different from competitors. Also professionals need to become “Shorter” and simple when communicating, designing and changing.

Simplification: from theory to practice.
Our brain loves simplicity and is built to simplify.
Even a single neuron works this way. Get to know the physiological basis of simplification makes us aware of our natural capacity for “creative” analysis. Synthesis helps us act accordingly.

Simplification tools
Learn quick techniques to present texts and complex images with a “Short” approach. The workshop section includes a number of mini-briefs. Each starts from the analysis of personal/ professional profiles. The outcome is a personal brand presentation as well as the improvement of an existing process: from idea to innovation.