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Professional Development Program Brand Strategy

The program at a glance

Language English or Italian
Certification Domus Academy Certificate
Duration 20 hours (2 full days + 1 half-day)


Brand Strategy originates from business strategy.

It generates the guidelines to convey the true value of a company, create and keep alive new brands in tune with the emotional side of customers, keep them alive, cherish customers and create a long lasting and unique tie.

Course Leader

Paolo Lorini


This course offers a clear picture of what Brand Strategy is.

It provides a solid ground to communicate the company in a crystal way. The proposed model starts from an in-depth analysis of the company using specific tools. Then follows a brand strategy definition phase. Third step is the Brand Brief.

Executives and Managers joining this Brand Strategy programme can offer their company a competitive advantage. They can engage and manage Branding agencies and consultants in the creation and mantainance of new brands in tune with people needs.


Day 1
Morning: plenary theory and practice;
Afternoon: group activity launch.

Day 2
Morning: review of group activities;
Afternoon: preparation of group presentations.

Day 3
Final group plenary presentation.


Company Executives and Managers from all company sectors with a particular attention to Human Resource, Research and Development, Design, Engineering, Operations, Marketing and Communication.


Phase 1: Analysis
From the existing business model, stakeholders objectives and expectations Company vision, mission/values, “what”, “how”
and “why” to an “as is” scenario of the brand perception here and now.

Phase 2: Strategies
The building of a “to be” scenario of the expected perception of the brand through positioning in respect to competitors, the definition of the customer needs/ expectations, the definition of a brand personality, the generation of a brand
name and its final output.

Output: Brand Brief
The Brand Brief is the Brand Strategy turned into an effective one page document. This helps decision-makers quickly approve the choice of the strategy team. Brand Brief can easy the job of Branding agencies and consultants to design something new from trademark and logo to customer use.