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Date 01.02.2015
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Workshop: Interaction Design Strategy and Business


Project: Vitro

by Natt Phenjati, Emmika Sakonwitthayanon, Zijing Zhang

“VITRO is a unique battery case for smart phones that has an interactive tactile surface, which is powered by a smart material called electroactive polymer. VITRO will help reminding you of important events in an effective yet non-disruptive manner and helps you tracks activities that you have done.  VITRO is perfect for professional people with busy schedule. These people already need extra battery for their smart phones. With VITRO, they will gain something MORE: a small living creature in their pocket that helps them to manage their time.Electroactive polymer (EAP) is the magic behind the moving tactile surface. EAP is a smart material that gets bended when electrified. This material is mainly used to develop artificial muscles.”

Project leaders: Paolo Lorini, Ivan Pedri

Project assistants: Stefan Krivokapic, Nima Gazestani