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Date 07.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with OP Valle Padana

Project: Lost in the ozone

by Çağıl Aygen, Nour El Gamal, Jason Hysin

“Boscolo Fattorie is a salad brand owned by the Boscolo family, catering to different markets (business to business/consumer) and geographic regions. In terms of a glocal approach, Boscolo Fattorie will be presented as a local brand weighting on the Italian produce of salad (the provenance, the family story and the farming process) while having an international appeal.
Boscolo Fattorie will change the way salad is perceived by creating a “salad culture” and making salad a commercial product with a strong brand perception, distinction and awareness.” These initiatives will build new users’ behavior, a radically new market positioning, a new level of direct engagement and long lasting relationships with the brand.
Boscolo Fattorie is fresh, safe, glocal, contemporary and spirited.

Project Leader: Stefano Cardini

Project: Lost in the ozone


Project: Valle Padana: A Visual Language System

by Urso Chappell, Roopali Jain, Katja Pekhotina

With “Valle Padana: A Visual Language System,” a program has been created that allows the company to reinforce its own visual brand personality across a wide range of contexts while also providing ways for its own product brands to stand apart yet show a clear visual relationship to the parent brand.
The proposed visual language creates a system of simple building blocks from which to create more complex visual marketing communication.
This brand concept helps combine the three existing companies (“OP Valle Padana,” “MB Produce,” and “Royal Rose”) under one corporate brand (“Valle Padana”) while allowing the “Royal Rose” brand to leverage its existing value as a product brand instead of as a separate entity.

Project Leader: Stefano Cardini

Project: Valle Padana: A Visual Language System

Project: COLTIVA – A fresh balance

by Theodore La Motta, Swapna Patkar, Christabell P. McDonald

The lack of recognition between three existing brands owned by the same owner has resulted in the company requiring a re-branding proposition. The goal is to unite the 3 produce companies under one new harmonious brand identity, while conditioning consumers/businesses into the existing association between the brand and loyal customers. The new structure will be phased in through a strategic co-branding transition process. The new brand identity and structure will provide Coltiva with a strong brand recognition that will make the brand not only memorable, but also differentiate itself from competitors. The simple clean designs through use of watercolor paints, give Coltiva a fresh, high quality (key company value) and organic appearance. Furthermore the company will gain consistency through the logo and its unique hand-painted style. New concepts have been introduced in parallel, to the re-branding of the website/applications with a more active experience, attracting customers that will truly be connected & loyal to the brand. The new B2C approaches and projects will allow Coltiva to break into a different market sector, in turn increasing customer awareness.

Project Leader: Stefano Cardini

Project: COLTIVA - A fresh balance