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Date 21.01.2015
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Joseph Grima

Joseph Grima is an architect, writer and editor.

Between 2007 and 2010, he directed Storefront for Art and Architecture, the New York gallery which is globally renowned for its role in supporting experimental practices in architecture and contemporary art.

Since April 2011, he has been the editor of Domus. He is also co-curator of the first edition of the Istanbul Design Biennial. He has curated exhibitions and presented work in numerous international venues including the Venice Architecture Biennale, New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Triennale di Milano.

Grima has taught architecture at several university institutes and he has published essays and articles in a large number of international magazines. He’s the Artistic Director of Chicago Architecture Biennal (2015), City Ideas in New York and the artistic director of Matera 2019.


Domus Academy Metaphysical Club – Lecture by Joseph Grima

#1 – The Home as Ideology
Exploring the changing role of ‘home’ in the last decades, Joseph Grima goes back to 1968, when Biennale Interieur was founded: at the height of a golden age for domestic interiors, at that time the project of the house was conceived as a social transformative device, able to convey political and social messages.
#2 – The Home as Capital
When forty years after, in 2008, the world’s financial system collapsed, also the definition of home went into crisis: cultural, financial, environmental, technological transformations have moved the concept of domesticity from a cultural practice into a matter of financial property, that has been generating new forms of design and investments.
#3 – Domestic data as the new oil
As the space of the home has been saturated by “smart” devices capable of monitoring our lives, the home has become a new source of detailed data about who we are and what we do. At the same time, the increasing presence of technology has progressively produced new forms of domestic intimacy.
#4 – RAM House
Joseph Grima describes the RAM House, the domestic prototype that has been designed by Space Caviar and presented in occasion of Milan Design Week 2015. Questioning on the concept of privacy in the era of intelligent electric appliances and communications based on signal, the installation reproduces a space of selective electromagnetic autonomy