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Date 07.02.2015
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Final Projects

Project: DOM Fashion Library, Bringing fashion culture to Moscow

by Tatiana Samoylova

The core of this project lies the concept that Knowledge is the New Luxury. Knowledge is essential for the creation of luxury pieces alongside with know-how, craftsmanship, materials and design. With knowledge sharing, luxury brands take a role in consumers’ cultural development.  The project proposes the creation of a Fashion Library in Moscow in order to support and nurture the growing Fashion community. DOM’s mission is “to bring an essential knowledge about fashion to the Russian market and provide designers and professionals with any information needed for education, finding inspiration and developing creativity in an enjoyable and cool environment”.

Project Leader: Caterina Lunghi

Project: The Whitefly: Luxury with an Edge

by Nayla Ghazzoui
“Luxury is shifting from “having” to “being”. Luxury is not only about high prices, big maison names or iconic pieces. Luxury is not mainstream products or repeated experiences and places; luxury is in the scarcity of them.” We are bombarded with new ideas, products and novelties on a daily basis. It is up to our critical eye to distinguish what is worth and not. The exclusivity of having a rare item, going to the less travelled places, and sharing unforgettable experiences makes us feel distinctive, and justify the price spent. The purpose of this project is to take a closer look at the rare side of luxury. Through the creation of a space of qualitative refinement that blends design, fashion, food and culture that are not in the limelight, offering unusual moments of consumption and interaction. This space is an actual house in Milan, with its items placed in their natural context. It’s a space of experiential luxury; an unusual place to shop, dine and spend time in a warm atmosphere that offers refined moments of exchange with others.” Therefore, inviting people into a body and mind immersion where all senses get involved. A space not intended for the mass, but rather with the aim of creating a community of like-minded people willing to learn and share.

Project Leader: Caterina Lunghi


Project: Ourobouros. The End is the beginning

by Cédric Vanhoeck

“OUROBOROS is a project which aims to apply the principles of “circular economy” to the luxury leather goods industry.” Luxury is a business of 217 billion euros, driven by quality, long lasting products, the valorisation of local employment and (in danger of extinction) “savoir- faire” and a meticulous value chain control. The rise of quality of life in emerging countries and the desire of those people for differentiated status is driving the luxury business. Next to that, luxury offers a long-term value, which people are more likely to invest in, during periods of economic instability. At the same time, environmental issues are on the rise and triggers the corporate responsibility of an industry highly valued for its authenticity: the scarcity of raw material supply coupled with the increased cost on society of waste disposal. There is tremendous opportunity in approaching the value chain to address both the positive and the negative. Ouroboros proposes 2 models to address the high-end luxury industry and 3 models to address the premium industry. Those models provide the product developers (designers, product managers and engineers) with an innovative yet pragmatic roadmap to design early on for disassembly and remanufacture, hereby reducing waste management (costs). “Applying this process will provide the luxury company the opportunity to differentiate itself by addressing the demand of end customers for transparency, rarity and for brands which are following moral requirements and sharing their values.”

Project Leader: Damon Pittman