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Date 24.09.2015
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Deep Sagar Verma


Deep Sagar Verma, Assistant Professor Dept. of Fashion Management Studies (FMS), National Institute of Fashion Technology NIFT, Jodhpur – India

FASHION: Where not? What not? The definition of fashion can’t be limited to prevailing style or custom or garments or accessories. It is the “manner of doing something or in nutshell everything”. The characteristics and essence of fashion is its volatility. It is very similar to the moment (time) which is always changeable. Fashion being highly transient very soon becomes emotional memory. It is a very good blend of time and space. Looking back to the history, Fashion always used to exist in its own fashion. The invention of wheels roughly around 3500 BC is an excellent example of evolution of thought process which one point of time might have been momentary. Though significant changes happened to it in due course of time, the invention finds a special place in history and still considered a milestone for human race. The evolution of Fashion is nomadic but now the behaviour is more monadic and it is an on going process.

Fashion is a real time moment where future balances the past and that is the locus of happiness. Though happiness is a relative term in context of time and different reference of points, fashion is absolute in meaning. The inter relationship between fashion and happiness exist in numerous ways. It sounds easy but at core the structure is quite complex because it is highly variable from space to space.

The only question and challenge is whether fashion can be metaphor for happiness? Can/Should we preserve the moment of happiness created by fashion? Is fashion arcadia has relationship with utopia? Can dusty folders of brain be erased and to bridge the gap of past and present and search for happiness? Can happiness become an indicator of fashion monad? Can happiness index be calculated in the context of fashion? If there is an inter relationship between fashion and happiness, is it sustainable? Can happiness as a metaphor to fashion discover new territories?

Ketwords: Fashion, Space, Nomad, Monad, Happiness, Happiness index, Sustainability.


Deep Saar VermaMr. Deep Sagar Verma, Assistant Professor, has been associated to the department of FMS, at NIFT, India for last three years and having total experience of nine years. He completed Master of Fashion Management from NIFT, Hyderabad in the year of 2009 and also qualified in the UGC-NET examination in Management paper in the same year.

His area of interest is Marketing Management, Global Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Always aspire to learn new things, participation in extra-curricular activities and thrust for knowledge brought him to the teaching field where he shares his knowledge and experience with upcoming generations.

Planning to pursue Ph.D in the field of Fashion Marketing, currently he is writing papers for conferences and seminars.