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Date 07.02.2015
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Workshop in collaboration with Bastard

Project: Blackout Bastard
by Roopali Jain, Saema Husain, Swapna Patkar

“India as a country is well known for its rich and diverse culture, which is also present on the streets. Our idea is to create a collection of stencils and other print media using elements of the same street style and giving it a contemporary touch, so as to reach out to people in Italy and as well as other parts of the world. We created a collection of fluorescent spray paints out of bright and vibrant colors to underline the spirit of Bastard, also including a stencil book. The same illustrations of it have been used for other collaterals like t-shirts, skateboards, posters, etc.
In order to underline the ironic mood of the Bastard brand, we decided to play with it with our illustrations. In fact the spray paints have a regular affect in the day but, when in the dark, they glow; so what one sees in the day might seem like a regular image or poster on the wall, but by night the illustration stands out from the rest.
For the packaging we chose a very typical Indian object, which is ordinarily used to carry tea glasses, and along with it and 7 spray cans, we have placed one surprise product: a can of beer.
To spread curiosity about this capsule collection, walls with existing graffiti around the city would be spray painted using stencils from the stencil book, along with the hash tag of “blackoutbastard”.

Project Leader: Margherita Paleari

Project: Blackout Bastard


Project: Bastards abroad
by Çağıl Aygen, Katja Pekhotina, Nour El Gamal

The Bluebe is a global cultural movement that attempts to reawake people, to clear their vision and focus on a new direction, proposing a new vision, which is to acknowledge the personal and intellectual abilities & capabilities of women, instead of reducing their worth and role to sexual objects.
Women should have the right to choose who they want to be. Gender Stereotyping starts in infancy with this color mandate “Pink is for girls, blue is for boys” and it is nearly impossible to change this without trying to change the way women are perceived around the world.
The bee-inspired campaign drew inspiration from the matriarchal society, where females rule because of their double role as mother and worker in the society.
The aim of the campaign is to break the gender stereotype of women as sex objects through the use of humor by co-branding with companies to create a limited edition product or a capsule collection for Bluebe. The products will be carrying the Bluebe label and will be sold in a special packaging. The campaign’s catchy slogan. This is not another feminist movement along with the hashtag #bluebe will arouse widespread attention, build excitement and expectations through consumer curiosity. The campaign’s content will go viral through a compelling and sharable manifesto across all social media platforms.
The Bluebe initiative will be launched through its first brand collaboration with Bastard.
Taking cues from popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging, Bastard will create a capsule collection for Bluebe.

Project Leader: Margherita Paleari

Project: Bastards abroad


Project: BASTARD ABROAD, Anti-hangover drink
by Christabell P. McDonald, Chayut Prissawong, Jason Hysin

Bastard is a Milan – based brand that designs, produces and sells technical clothing and equipment for snowboard and skateboard and street-wear. Inspired by our Asian traditions and cultures of the party lifestyle and Chinese tea, the capsule collection features an Anti-Hangover drink that is both visual and conceptually interesting. Key elements of the Asian culture are expressed through the illustrations of Chinese Zodiac signs and Asian flavours like Chrysanthemum tea. Representing Bastard’s identity of being fun, free and ironic the can features the name ‘Bastard Never Dies!’ and tagline, ‘Drink tonight… Revived tomorrow’ was designed to enhance the spontaneous viral spread of word-of-mouth. The collection looks at bringing a new and exciting product to the Italian market that is unconventional and spontaneous.

Project Leader: Margherita Paleari

Project: BASTARD ABROAD, Anti-hangover drink