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If you see yourself working on the business side of design, Domus Academy’s Master in Business Design is the program for you. The program’s focus is threefold: how to manage a successful design-related business, how to apply design principles to the processes that run any businesses, and how to grow a business through design elements such as branding.

In the Master in Business Design, you’ll learn some of the secrets behind “Made in Italy” manufacturing and how to apply these techniques within business contexts. You’ll explore case studies of leading design companies whose ability to innovate extends beyond products and into positioning, packaging, distribution, and communication. And as you examine the structure of business processes, you’ll come to view design as a strategy that reshapes the way business is done.

As a graduate of this program, you can spread creative thinking and design culture within any organization in order to innovate process and governance.

The Design of Business

You’ll examine the structure of business processes, using design methodology to translate ideas into concrete steps and successful outcomes.

The Business of Design

You’ll also explore how to use design to help a business succeed, through naming, branding, product design, and communication approaches.