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Our reality is defined by architecture—the spaces we live in, work in, walk between. Architects are the visionaries who create and transform these spaces to fit the evolving needs of society.

You can tell by its name that our master’s program in architecture is different. The Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design elevates the concept of urban planning to “urban vision.” Guided by some of the best minds in the field, you will begin to re-imagine space from the perspective of both inhabitant and visionary. Even as you learn to navigate the maze of limitations imposed by human-made and natural spaces, you’ll be emboldened to go beyond your own boundaries to find extraordinary solutions. By re-inventing a space, a park, a city, you might help it maintain its deepest identity.

In Milan, a strong design sensibility is apparent everywhere you go. You’ll find buildings by renowned architects like César Pelli, Zaha Hadid, and Daniel Libeskind, as well as Gianandrea Barreca, who is scientific advisor for this program. Milan provides the perfect immersive experience in the study of space.

And Domus Academy is a school where you will learn by designing: by working on real projects for real companies and integrating knowledge from other disciplines. Looking broadly at the core issues within contemporary urban contexts, you’ll discover new analog and digital techniques for designing buildings, landscapes, gardens, roads. And you’ll work at different scales, building micro models for macro projects.


Our students are a key link between the present and future of our urban fabric. They become inspired professionals who envision future scenarios for the spaces where we live today.

Future Professionals

At Domus Academy, skills in urban planning, architecture, landscape design, social and cultural analysis, and communication all converge to create a new professional identity: the designer who redefines the functions and aesthetics of an urban space.